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Crystal Bingo
Because there simply isn't a better good vibe feel then combining crystals with cupcakes!


Cupcakes, Crystals & Good Vibes

You really can't get more high vibe then pairing crystals with cupcakes. 

As you know Blondies has never been "traditional" and as we adapted to life after the pandemic, so has our business. 

Each month we hold a super fun Cupcake & Crystal Bingo, these events sell out quickly, and when we are able, we hold a BONUS BINGO each month to allow the fun to go on! 

10 regular games of bingo, 5 special games, one amazing jackpot along with a 10 item Chinese auction, meets cupcakes, hot dogs, snacks and some type of unique mixed drink Mr. Blondie makes!

It's a fun time, with great people. Our whole family is there to add with the bingo fun, and it's a great way to unwind, enjoy awesome company and indulge with some delicious cupcakes!

We will send out emails & also stay posted on our Facebook page concerning our next events!


Crystal Jewelry

Unless I have an outside event, we always have a wide range of handmade crystal bracelets and necklaces available on site to choose from. 

Even if you discount crystals as healing tools, Color Psychology is a very real thing! This is why color is so important for companies in their marketing endeavors.

Looking to ease anxiety or an overactive mind? Purple is your color!

Having difficulty expressing yourself, or are feeling undervalued? Dark blue is for you.

Need a little more calm within your life, cozy up with light blue hues.

Handing too much of yourself out to others and not taking the time to nurture yourself? Pink will help you there.

Holding on to anger, frustration or resentment? Green is the way to go.

Need a boost to self-confidence or self-esteem? Yellow all day

Looking for direction or would like more confidence concerning the future? Brown baby

Need help igniting passion, excitement and joy? Thats your oranges

Want to feel stronger and more stable within your life? Go with Red.

You'd be surprised at how much a little pop of color can do!

Beaded Necklaces


The same color therapy concepts that apply to jewelry will work with beautiful crystal pieces. What better of a way to create some inspiration within your space then to do so with a gorgeous crystal piece. 

We always have a pretty selection to pick from at the shop. 

To learn more about other services I provide visit my website from the link below. For Sound Therapy Sessions I am booked until the beginning of December. xo

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